The HUB is one of 2 key components within the Community Mobilization Prince Albert model. It is the component that provides immediate, coordinated and integrated responses though the mobilization of resources to address situations facing individuals and/or families with acutely elevated risk factors, as recognized across a range of service providers.

This is the arena where individuals representing the Ministries and Police members involved meet to discuss those cases in specific detail, within the limits of relevant information sharing rules and regulations, in order to determine solutions through coordinated efforts. Currently, in Prince Albert the Hub meets twice a week for two hours per session and approximately 20 individuals participate in each meeting, representing the full cross-section of the CMPA partners.

Many other communities within the province have also begun implementing BPRC Hub's, which are based on the CMPA model. In some cases, these communities are replicating all aspects of the CMPA Hub, but in some cases the needs of the communities require slightly varied approaches. In these cases CMPA and BPRC Implementation Team have been instrumental in helping those communities adjust the model to suit their needs while still ensuring they follow the principles and parameters of the original CMPA model.

The Centre of Responsibility (COR)

The COR is the second of the 2 key components within the Community Mobilization Prince Albert model and its function is quite different from that of the HUB.

The COR’s focus is on the broader notion of community safety and wellness with an eye towards longer-term community goals and initiatives, and possible systemic recommendations, formed through experience, research and analysis. Made up of representatives from the participating ministries and the policing partners, the COR works to:

  • Gather research, both from the HUB and from other primary and/or secondary resources
  • Provide liaising support among agencies
  • Provide incubation and mentorship of community and practitioner solutions and innovations
  • Mobilize community amenity action solutions
  • Provide reports regarding recurrent patterns and lessons learned as well as promising practices and possible system gaps
  • Develop and maintain a social wellness and community safety research agenda
  • Compile and create metrics to support a growing basket of measures, working in cooperation with the Province to ensure consistency in those metrics
  • Provide ongoing economic analysis in terms of Business and Social return on investment (BROI, SROI)
  • Be a central source for research data, information, referrals and consultation
  • And more …

Many communities who implement the Hub model may not ever require a COR and in fact one COR may serve many communities as its function is quite broad. Currently, there is only one COR model and that is in Prince Albert.